Bernadetta Grabias is a true mistress of bel canto. She has a delightfully posed, resonant voice, of an admittedly dark, thick like caramel timbre, which is, however, at the same time full of light. She leads legato impeccably, her coloraturas are natural. She sings with a beautiful, rounded and concentrated tone, cautiously using vibrato. She controls her breathing wonderfully and sets the tone delightfully. And above all, she plays with her voice.
Today, it was a kaleidoscope of  sounds. Either it brightened, became light (singers can take notes from her what leggiero means), at other times it thickened, now and again flickering, gaining greyness and a bit of hoarseness.
The singing was accompanied by intelligent acting – without exaggeration, full of fervour and emotion.

Marcin Bogusławski ( – “Anna Bolena”


Bernadetta Grabias is gifted with a nobly sounding mezzo-soprano of an interesting timbre and naturally unconstrained emission. She has included in her interpretation a fullness of emotion and finely crafted expression in a large scale of feelings.

Adam Czopek ( – “Anna Bolena”


Unexpectedly nice was the sensational interpretation of Giovanna (that is Joanna Seymour)by the young Bernadetta Grabias: her resonating mezzosoprano sounded admirably beautiful. She overcame thickly scattered technical hurdles with an impressive ease, and the character that she has created was captivating because of the suggestive naturalness and the intensity of expression.

Józef Kański (Ruch Muzyczny) – “Anna Bolena”


The opening night the part of Rosine was played by Bernadetta Grabias, who clasped the mature timbre of mezzosoprano with rippling coloraturas and the volume of the highest notes’ tones.

Marta Śniady, Łukasz Kaczyński (Dziennik Łódzki) – “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”


Rosine enters robustly with the aria “Una voce poco fa…” and unfailing, powerfully voiced Bernadetta Grabias uses this splendidly. Her heroine is not an infatuated lassie, but rather a woman who knows where she is heading for.

Renata Sas (Dziennik Łódzki) – “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”


Now Bydgoszcz’s audience knows that Łódź’s “The Barber of Seville” holds his own with an amazing mezzosoprano. Singing the part of Rosine, the dainty Bernadetta Grabias, has one of the most beauftiful mezzosopranos in the Polish opera stage.

Jarosław Reszka (Express Bydgoski) – “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”


Voix plus mure et technique plus affinee chez Bernadetta Grabias, 25 ans: la mezzo polonaise seduit la salle avec un air „d’Oberto” de Verdi, qu’elle joue autant qu’elle ne le chante. Le defaut, confirme dans une excellente „Adelaide” de Beethoven, serait meme un peu de surjouer.

“La Libre Belgique”